What are Builders Saying About the ecoSelect Certification Process?

H&H Homes is a premier builder in the Carolinas who strives to create new home communities with quality, value and integrity. They are committed to deliver MORE Livability, MORE Sustainability and MORE Value than any other home builder in the Jacksonville, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Pinehurst, Wilmington or Myrtle Beach area.

“One of the most frequent questions we get from buyers is why our homes are superior to other existing or new construction homes.  Our partnership with ecoSelect helps us prove to the buyer exactly that. ecoSelect is a non-biased third party inspector that analyzes the energy efficiency of a home using rigorous assessments and supplies the home buyer with a certification and basis of comparison for existing and other new constructions homes. This certification showcases how an H&H home truly works hard to save the buyer money on their utility bills through superior materials and construction techniques, especially compared to other homes.”

-Kristie Meave, SR VP H&H Homes

Southern Comfort Homes, Inc. is a “hands-on” residential builder with over 100 homes built in the plantation and beach communities of Brunswick County. Focusing on only 6 to 10 new homes per year, they employ a small team approach to guide the home buyer through the planning and construction process with the end result being a beautiful home that is both comfortable and efficient to live in.

“As a low volume custom builder in Brunswick County North Carolina, we discovered the ecoSelect certification program in 2012.  It has provided a straight forward delivery of highly efficient homes, with energy and water savings, and most importantly – with easy to explain education to the ultimate homeowners, our clients.  Even the upfront messaging to potential clients is straight forward, with branded materials for marketing. These materials have added value to our sales presentation, and this certification service has added value to our homes. The ecoSelect Management team is very responsive to our inspection deadlines, and they have spent hours with our project managers to educate us on the changing code requirements.”  

 -Steven E. Schultz, Southern Comfort Homes, Inc.



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