ecoSelect Successfully Expands into Texas

We are proud to announce that ecoSelect has successfully expanded our already well-received program into the Texas market. Owner, Craig Senglin, of Energy IQ in Dallas has hand-picked ecoSelect as the program of choice when builders are seeking a straightforward third-party energy verification program.

Energy IQ is a well-respected third-party energy inspection, testing, rating and certification provider for new and existing construction in the Dallas area. Their highly trained team of professionals service the local building community by helping them to achieve optimal and cost-effective energy performance in their building projects. With 1058 miles separating the headquarters of ecoSelect in Raleigh and Energy IQ in Dallas, we were curious about why Craig chose our program for the Dallas area.

In a short interview with Craig, he told us he was, "actively seeking out an energy rating program that was more straightforward for builders to implement, but still captured many energy saving building requirements in a cost-effective manner."   Craig added, "ecoSelect allows builders to easily showcase their green building practices without all the complexities of other green building programs." With ecoSelect not being widely known in the Dallas area, we asked Craig if he found this to be a hindrance to bringing builders on board. Craig replied, "Not at all. Builders are actively looking for less complex solutions that focus on providing tangible results home buyers can appreciate. Once his builders see the requirements checklist along with the certification label detailing estimated monthly energy savings to the home buyer, they are sold on the program because of the value it provides to the consumer." Craig added, "ecoSelect, more than any other program, does an excellent job of quantifying the value of green building practices by providing the home buyer with the resulting monthly energy savings in a clear concise format."

We also asked Craig to tell us a little bit about his builders currently using the ecoSelect program. Craig was eager to praise EcoView Homes and Urban Edge Developers. EcoView Homes prides itself in providing its home buyers with contemporary luxury designs that exceeds traditional construction practices not only in energy efficiency but also in quality of construction.   EcoView Homes has recently gotten its first 4 townhome units certified, with 4 more awaiting final submittal, and 24 additional units under construction and on target for certification in the coming months. Urban Edge Developers is in the process of planning an exciting 105 home community in the Dallas area and they look forward to using ecoSelect as their energy verification program.  Welcome aboard Craig!





EcoView Homes - The Terraces at Lindell Dallas, TX

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